A journey through thread and wire :: AKA the coolest thing you could’ve had in the 90s.

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Custom Homekit Enabled Blinds


I built roman blinds from scratch for my home office last year. These blinds sit behind my two computer monitors and while I got a custom aesthetic out of it, the position and mechanism left much to be desired in terms of usability. It sounds like a whine but I would just leave the blinds up all the time to save the hassle of climbing behind my monitors to reach the drawcord.


The Blinds

Edit: backdrop-filter has now landed in Chrome and we’re just waiting for firefox https://caniuse.com/css-backdrop-filter

I have been waiting a longtime to hearken the arrival of this beautiful CSS feature: backdrop-filter and I may be ahead of the curve a bit here but I think it’s time we put it on our nearby radars!

In case you’ve never heard of it, backdrop-filter is a CSS feature defined in the CSS Filter Effect Level 2 Spec. You can see what it is trying to achieve by looking at the blurred UI elements of [iOS7+, macOS Yosemite+, Windows 10 Fluent Design] etc.

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tl;dr Static Site Generation is on the rise because people are fed up with under-performing websites.

The Why

Websites come in all shapes and sizes: big ones, small ones, bland ones, overly-colorful ones. Some of the websites out there really do remind me of a Dr. Seuss book (or nightmare) with what brave frontiers they seek to break but there’s one thing I can appreciate in any website: one that loads fast, and can be interacted with almost instantly.

I can’t be alone here. In fact I know I’m not. …


Evan Hennessy

Canadian developer with a passion for good work and tasty integrations. Philosophy/Music Major turned Entrepreneur/Software Developer.

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